11 юни 2014

Summer time

It's summer time again. Lovely, leisure, long summer days are here to stay. Soft, sweet, sensual nights are ours for keeps. "Dare to dream" - I saw this tattoo across a young bossom, small but eager enough to launch into the world of dreams. Summer time is the time to dream big. It's now or never... All that you have ever dreamt of is right there for you- you just have to reach out and go for it. What fascinates you most? Is it the waves on a remote shore? The green grass of home? The soothing forest of a distant mountain? What is it you really want? What is the last thing you think about before you fall asleep at night? Who is there with you- in your dreams at night? Who does your heart dream of? Who is it your body yearns for? Somewhere, out there, it's summer time all year round... On a far-away island in the sun, some little ray of your dream lightens the sand. Now close your eyes. And listen. What is it you hear? What is your favourite silence? The silence that soothes you to sleep each night. Is it the splashing of waves or the swishing of leaves? Is it the quiet footsteps of a small forest animal, fleeting through your dreams? Where are you now? And where is it you want to be? Dare to dream! You can be anywhere you want. With anyone you want. Doing whatever you want. Never mind if it's real. If it's happening in your heart and in your mind, it's as real as it will get. Your dreams are the ticket to any magical place you want to go. Summer is the best time to dream... Go out there and feel all those places you want to be in. Is it the grass you want? The ocean? The beach? Feel it, sense it, smell it. All those places are in us, they have always been part of us, maybe we haven't known it. Look out there- that could be you on those white sands. Maybe you are cuddled up with the love of your life in a hammock on a lonely island, just the two of you. The sun, the sea, the scenery- just reach out for it. So many vivid dreams. Such a lot of passion. It's your life, your love, your dream... Do it now. Live out your wildest fantasies. Feast your eyes and senses on all those fantastic places you know are out there somewhere. It really doesn't matter what others think or say. It's your dream and you can dream it anyway you want to. Who's to say what brings us more pleasure? Sensational summer time is the remedy for all our blues. Islands in the sun, fun rides along a roller coaster, waves of salty seas slushing all over. Enjoy it while it lasts. Just follow your heart... And it could be the summer you've always dreamt for. Hallo, sunshine! Hallo, life!