16 юни 2010

Песен и клип по мой текст в You Tube

Интересна находка! Сърфирайки из нета попаднах на клип и песен по мой текст в You Tube.
Благодаря за старанието на този, който е избрал текста ми и си е направил труда да го превърне в хубав, патриотичен клип. Това е то глобален свят.... Радвам се, че блога се чете. И вдъхновява. Благодаря ви, приятели!

14 юни 2010

Love as a theory

Love experts just do not tire of giving advice on how to make your relationship work. I know you have all read the stuff. Be caring, considerate, allow your partner the freedom to live his life, keep the sparkle alive... It all makes so mush sense, except that there is always a notion that something is missing. Because it doesn't work for your relationship. People are different, their expectations are different, their goals, ambitions, desires... How do you just sum all that up and let it be ruled by one theory? Tough task. I am all for theory. It's just that I wish it could be put to practice. Every partnership is unique in its own way. What works for one couple need not necessarily work for another. So how do you summarize that and unify it? This generalization tends to depress me. Makes me feel like I'm the only one that obviously can't use the wonderful revelations on love and put them to work for me. No, I'm not a complete idiot. I just don't like the kind of love tips that perhaps work for the first year of the relationship. Though you probably don't need any tips in the beginning when all is chocolate and roses. Let's move 20 years on and try to apply these tips. No way! The phase is just so many miles away from the perfection of the first year. And that, to me, is normal. People have changed. The players may be the same but they are no longer young and full of expectations. The difficulties have piled up, some have been overcome, many have been abandoned as hopeless and new ones are looming up. Sometimes you are not up to romance. You don't even consider whether you are in love or not at such times. Love is there but there are more pressing issues to be handled. The euphoria is gone and may have left a bitter taste behind. Because things are just so different after the initial stage of falling in love. I'm all for love. But let's not make it into a heroic deed. I prefer to keep things simple. Less emotion is good for my sanity. And if you still feel like you need advice from a love expert, just make sure you are your own advisor. That is what really makes sense.

11 юни 2010

To D.

I wonder just how disappointed you are in me, watching me flunk in just about everything I try to do. Saying sorry isn't enough. I am tired. Of so many things... Of myself mainly. It's a long shot but maybe you could give me a sign how to go on from here. I am completely lacking in both ideas and willpower to change. Maybe the best years are simply over and it is time to accept defeat? You know I used to be a fighter. Are you mad at me now, seeing what a weak and spineless creature I've become? I,m sorry.... I don't know what else to say. It would have been easier if you were around. You used to believe in me. You gave me courage to go on and always had faith in me. I miss that so much now. Nowadays I'm basically feeling useless and get rebuked for it. I think people might actually be more tired of me than I am of myself.... Bad shot. I don't want to be weak and pathetic and go on about how much a good word means, a gesture of friendship, perhaps even love... Daydreaming again. Maybe I just don't deserve all those things. What makes me think I am privileged to have them? You were always so proud of me, of the things I did and the stuff I achieved... You made me feel a worthy person. All that is gone now. I am such a disappointment to all around me. I'm not even trying anymore. But I couldn't bear it if you were disappointed in me, too. That would be like the ultimate end to life. There would be nothing left after that. Just a void, so deep it would threaten to swallow me whole- my past, my memories, my dreams of the future...What would be left? I'm just a small time presence in the universe, out to pollute the air and trouble people with my problems. Not a nice deal... But who promised me a better life? Or was it just my imagination, pulling me on and making me believe I'll actually be able to do something with my life... I do feel the choice isn't really ours. Or maybe it's just not mine. Can't speak for others. My own deal is handed out, like it or not, want it or not....It's there for whatever reason, I don't know and perhaps I'm not meant to. Some day I'll have all the answers.... Just like you.

04 юни 2010


Such a nice activity- sharing. All the happiness in the world is of no value if you don't have whom to share it with. Sadness is less of a burden if you have someone to talk to, someone who cares and understands. We weren't created to live alone. We weren't made to go through life alone. Sharing is a need we all have. Friendship is a blessing that allows us to share our emotions, both the good and the bad ones. And it somehow feels easier, knowing there is someone out there who is willing to listen. Sharing is a gift we humans have been given to make our journey through life a more meaningful one. We need to handle it carefully. We need to learn to give and take information in acceptable doses. The balance needs to be achieved. Sharing is a unique gift. Let's be thankful for it.