17 юли 2014

Promise me summer....

A long, long time ago..... Promises made in summer do not usually last.  Blame it on the sea and the sun and the magic sunsets...  And just dream on. It's summer time again. There will always be summer, with or without you. There may even be more magic in the air than you felt way back then.  Love might not be just a mirage. Kisses may be real, too. There may be someone to hold your hand. Remember those days. Summer time miracles and sunny smiles happened once, a long time ago. And now it's just a cold, cold summer... I'll settle for the letter sealed with the kiss. If it ever comes my way. And if it doesn't- God willing, there may be other summers ahead... Enjoy your summer! Be loved! Be special to one person! Be whoever you want to be! Feel free to love... This beauty is ethereal and divine. So much love happens in summer. Don't ever miss out on the fun and the magic of it all. Because one day it will be the last... Till then- have an unforgettable summer! And don't forget to whisper to the one holding your hand in the moonlight "I love you!" Be happy together... Isn't that what this journey is all about?