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01 октомври 2012


Sooner or later the truth comes out. Whether you like it or not. Whether you are ready for it or not. It is right there- infront of you- staring at you in the face, bold, unpolished, at times ugly... So what if you are hurt? So what if you are mad, aching, bleeding or just plain neurotic? Surely you know there are things in life that can't be stopped? People you can't come to terms with? Situations you can't control... Face the truth, accept it and let go. What must be, must be. Maybe it had to happen this way. Maybe you deserved all you got. Or maybe it was more than you bargained for? Never mind. Life is a battle. Learn to fight your own battles. You might not win the war. It's no big deal. Yes, you will feel unloved, neglected, abused and bruised. Maybe your heart is sore and your soul hurts.. That, too, will pass... Pain makes us strong. Eventually you will heal. Someone else will come along who appreciates your friendship. Maybe even fall in love with you. Love can't be demanded or forced upon. It's either there or not. Learn to let go of those who have no need for your love in their lives. Let them be. Everyone has the right to make his own choices. Lies are not a good environment for feelings to flourish. The truth will one day be reborn. And you will feel relief. Not guilt, not pain, just relief... Learn to accept life's lessons without additional drama. Life is fair. Everyone gets what he deserves. Sometimes life hands us blessings, at other times we're given lessons. Accept what you are given and learn from it. Never mind the ego. That is always a bad advisor. Unfortunately, the more you try to hold on to something, the more it slips away from you. Nothing is ours forever. Life never gives us stuff it can't take away from us one day... Everything is temporary. Happiness, sadness, suffering, health, illness, pain, dreams... One day all these will disappear. People will be gone. Our days will be over... That day might be tomorrow. So, let go of everything... Nothing is yours forever. Learn to live without it. Laugh at evil. Evil, too, is temporary... Enjoy today. Whatever it is. Whoever you are with. Wherever you are. Some day you will be reborn. And today will no longer matter. There will be a whole new life ahead of you. It will be a new beginning, not the end. Just live and... let go.

26 септември 2010

Positive thoughts

To wake up in the morning, knowing you're still alive,

To know you have a choice each day, starting afresh,

To find joy in everyday, acknowledging simple pleasures,

To live in the present moment, engaging your awareness,

To count the blessings in life, believing abundance abounds,

To enjoy the work you do, following your passion,

To make a little difference, adding to the universe,

To be what you are, listening to your inner being,

To give away love, rejoicing in the chance to give,

To receive love with gratitude, feeling good about it,

To smile at strangers, seeing how infectious it can be,

To speak words of kindness, spreading a little warmth,

To understand with compassion, opening up your mind,

To play with children, nurturing your inner child,

To appreciate the nature, soaking up all the beauty,

To feel the warmth of the sun, glowing upon your skin,

To listen to the falling rain, pattering on the grounds

To taste the richness of food, sliding down your throat,

To smell the freshness of air, filling up your lungs,

To see the falling night, concluding a well-lived day,

That's life, that's living,
That's the core of what really matters...
And if I've missed out anything,
Please let love make up for all of it.

11 април 2010

Late night thoughts

I believed I could fly. I believed I could touch the sky...Years ago I believed in many things. I actually had dreams and I imagined I could make them come true. Too much fantasy gone wild. Things don't always turn out the way you want them to. Or maybe they are just the way they should be, except we don't know it. And the landing can be tough. It could feel like a plane crash. You've survived but you can't get up on your feet and you have no idea how to go on. Too many questions and not enough acceptable answers. Flying... Such a wonderful dream and so irrational. Who wants to be rational?! It all comes down to emotions in the end. Did you feel the emotion you hoped for? Did you get what you wanted out of life? Can you get off the scene without regrets? Were the pictures worth the fight? Up in the clouds reality may seem a little blurred. Dreams and wishes come together in the endless horizon. So much beauty unlived...I hate landings. Back on the ground, I know where I left my dreams- they are too high up for me too reach. That is why I love taking off. I go for them again, hoping to reach at least one and carry it back to life... Mission impossible? I'm not an aeronaut. I lack the training. I haven't got the guts. Yet I can't seem to stop reaching for the sky. It is as if my soul is completely oblivious to my body's physical state. It rejects reality. It yearns for the clouds. The blue horizon, way up high over the clouds. All my dreams are there, illogical, ruthlessly irrational, poignant and cruel in their simplicity. It is as if they mock my inability to reach them. I'm scared of heights, did I tell you? Not just heights but that's besides the point. More like scared of living... Why? It's the constant fear of failure that makes me want to abandon it all and flee... for the stars! Who says life should be a permanent success? Who makes the rules? You don't like the game- please, feel free to get out...I don't like being told what to do. I despise expectations, comparisons, conclusions. And I don't like losing. The point here is that I might have lost the set before I actually started it. And then I might end up losing the game. Sooner than I planned. The crash was not a mirage. I am on the ground. And I can't get up. Too many wounds in the long run... I want to get up, I just don't know how to. It's my life, I'll figure it out. The fact that I really want to fly must mean something, right? Isn't it all about making an effort? Who cares about the results? Have I learnt my lessons? I wouldn't know. Up there, in my dreams, looking down at how I've arranged the pieces of my life, I might get insight into the story. Perhaps even see some answers. Landings are not all bad. I need to remember that next time I take off for the stars...